About Us

Garbo A Salon, an authentic Austin salon
experience: fresh, funky, and unpretentious.

The Garbo professional creates amazing, cutting edge work that expresses you, not a clone. It means you are not just a client here, you are a friend. You are family. We are an eclectic, colorful tribe of urban salon and spa professionals ready to remind you what it feels like to live in a place like Austin. It feels good! Garbo is an eco-friendly, Austin green salon because we do our part to protect the environment that we all share.

We pride ourselves on providing an experience that is tailored to your needs and lifestyle with genuine, creative and diverse staff to deliver. Our focus on education brings you the latest styles and techniques and creates a vibrant and innovative atmosphere.

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If you're nervous to try a new hairstylist, or you're not quite sure which of our team members would be the right fit for you, we understand.
That's why we offer our exclusive matchmaking survey. In less than 5 minutes you'll be matched with the Garbo A team member who is truly the perfect fit for your style and personality!
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Awards & Recognition


10 Years in a Row


Best Haircut and Best Day Spa


Best of Austin Hair Salons


Austin Green Salon


Garbo was Austin's 5th business to sign up for the GREEN ENERGY program to power our business.

Garbo did not have access to on-site recycling bins in our building complex until 2016 (which we worked hard to change!), Our staff had for years taken on the personal responsibility of recycling Garbo paper, plastic, glass and cardboard at their homes. Go Garbonians!

Click here to see how we are contributing our used hair for the purpose of cleaning up oil spills.

Our roots grow deep because we place social, spiritual, and environmental values at the foundation of our business. Our core is strengthened through a well-established sense of family, ceaseless commitment to excellence, and joy in connecting love, beauty, and environment. The style we define and personalize in our clientele reveals their inner beauty by bringing it to the surface. Come to Garbo and "Discover the Beauty Within." Recycling is just the tip of the iceberg.




Marsha Power

Owner/President - Master Stylist

Marsha Power is the founder of Garbo. Over the past 30 years she has dedicated herself to creating an energetic and positive atmosphere for you, the life blood of... more


Daphne Harrington


Daphne Harrington is a seasoned professional in salon management, bringing with her a wealth of experience spanning over 30 years. In 2023, she joined Garbo A Salon, a prominent salon brand, as the manager of their South Shore location... more


Charlie Power

Director of Happiness

Ruff! Ruff! I’m Charlie Power the Director of Happiness! I joined the company in 2018. When I started, I was very young, and people didn’t take me seriously.... more